Please Donate to help fund out Ballot Access Drive Here   We have set  a goal of 25,000 Dollars to help us hire petitioners to help our volunteers. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

The General Assembly recently lowered the petition requirement for a political party from 2 % of the last vote for governor to .25% of the last vote for governor.   This means that the Constitution Party of NC only needs 11, 925 signatures to get on the ballot.   Please Help us by circulating our petition. Below are some instructions:

Petition Procedure/Instructions 

1. Download and print as many petitions as you need (1 for each County you will obtain signatures from), and at least one Petition Instructions (PDF) sheet.

2. Petitions are County specific, so be sure that each petition has the name of the County at the top. Only allow registered voters of that county to sign that specific petition.

3. Before an individual signs:
a. Make sure they are a registered voter of the county in which petition they are signing.
b. Inform them about what they are signing and be able to provide information about the Party, or where to find more
information, if asked. For this purpose, print off at least one Constitution Party of North Carolina Platform
for perusal by prospective signers here.

4. Have registered voters sign the petition, filling in all the information requested by the petition, legibly. Legibility is important, as it can cause a signature not to be certified if the County Board of Elections claims it is unreadable.

5.   We ask that you fill out a sheet that let’s us know that you circulated the petition and what county. Please be sure to include this when you return the petitions to the Constitution Party.  You can Download it HERE

6. Submit petitions as soon as possible to:

Constitution Party of North Carolina

7209- J East WT Harris BLVD # 119 Charlotte, NC 28227

If you have any questions about the Party’s ballot access petition drive or ballot access in the state of North Carolina in general please  e-mail  or call us at 1-88-VOTE-CPNC