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Common Questions

Q: Is the Constitution Party of NC ( CPNC) an active party?

A: Yes. The Constitution Party of North Carolina is an active party in the State of North Carolina..                                                         The Constitution Party of North Carolina is the state affiliate of the National Constitution Party.                                                        In 2008 The Constitution Party of North Carolina held a state convention that reorganized into the current party.It was at that Convention a New State Executive Committee was formed and Party By-Laws and New State Platform were adopted. This Convention took place on  August 23rd, 2008 in the City of Charlotte, North Carolina.

 The Constitution Party of North Carolina is currently in the process of obtaining ballot access and voter registration access in North Carolina.

Q: How does the Constitution Party of NC get on Ballot?

A: For the 2018 elections the Party needs to obtain a minimum of 11,925 signatures of registered voters in order to obtain access to the election ballot.  Once Ballot Access is obtained ,The Party, will run Candidates for Local, State, and National Elections.

Visit our Ballot Access page to learn more.

Q: How does The Constitution Party of NC get candidates on the NC Ballot?

A: Until Ballot Access is obtained individuals cannot run as Candidates with The Constitution Party of NC.                                      Once the CPNC obtains ballot access there are different levels of requirement for Candidacy in the state of North Carolina. Individuals whom are interested in running as a CPNC candidate  may contact the party  with their information and what office they are seeking and the party will provide them with the necessary information.

Q: How do I become a member of The Constitution Party of North Carolina?

A:Visit our join page linked at the top of every page of the CPNC website. Fill out the necessary information and submit the form. After submitting this form, Pay the party dues necessary for becoming a member or contact our party if you are experiencing economical hardships.

Q: How much are party dues?

A:Party dues are listed below:
$15.00 Full Member annually
$10.00 Associate Member annually
$5.00 Friend of the Party Member annually

Q: Do I have to change my NC voter registration to be a Constitution Party of NC member?

A: No, Not at this time. Currently, If you wish to join the Constitution Party of North Carolina you do not have to change your voter registration. Membership in the Party, by joining and paying dues, simply gives you the ability to have a more indepth part in the Party, such as the ability to vote at Conventions, hold office or in the future run for public office as a Constitution Party candidate. We encourage you to join, as it will assist us in building a better more solid Party in the state and to have more influence as times persists.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Contact the Party for more information and look for upcoming events in your area on our events page.