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Endorsed Candidates

The Constitution Party of North Carolina is in the process of gaining full ballot access for 2018 and beyond. We have not endorsed any candidates for 2018. If you would be interested in seeking our endorsement please review the information below:
In order to apply for the Endorsement of the Constitution Party of North Carolina please download the following forms and submit the completed application to the Constitution Party of NC at the address provided on the forms.
Applicant Endorsement Forms
Endorsement Procedure Applicant Guide
Instructions for completing the endorsement process,
time period and other requirements
.Endorsement of Candidacy Form
General candidate and campaign committee information,
required documentation, questionnaire and checklist.
Essential Core Values Pledge
Essential Core Value statements and pledge.Candidate Endorsement Procedure
Detailed Candidate Endorsement Procedure, how the
procedure works, and how the decisions are made.
Not Required Part of Application.